As EOS Mobil, we transform second hand vehicles into ambulances in accordance with the wishes and choices of our customers in our workshop in Ankara ATB business center. In this service that we provide to many of our clients, our clients first specify their vehicle brand model requests. As EOS Mobil, we find the right vehicle for our customers. Then our customers choose from our VIP, Standard and Economy ambulance conversions for ambulance conversion. According to the vehicle brand and conversion preferences, our vehicle is taken to our factory and produced.

In many ways, the choice of our customers is the ambulance transformation of second hand vehicles, which allows our customers to have their ambulances without exceeding their budgets due to both meeting customer demands and low cost. We have transformed many brands of second hand vehicles into ambulances. We transformed the second hand vehicles of many brands such as Mercedes, Ford, Fiat, Peugeot, Hyundai, Citroen and Volkswagen into ambulances. We have not only transformed ambulances, but we also transformed second hand vehicles into  mobile health vehicles of these brands.

We have applied ambulance transformation to Ford and Mercedes branded vehicles to Syria and Iraq, sold and delivered them and are still used in the field. We have done our sales and deliveries to countries like Libya and Algeria by converting Peugeot and Citroen branded second hand vehicles into ambulances and mobile x-ray vehicles. We delivered a VW Crafter second hand vehicle by transforming it into a cased ambulance to a private hospital in Macedonia. We have received thanks from our customers for converting a second hand vehicle into cased ambulance , for being less costly than the determined budget.

Our ophthalmologist client in Georgia stated that he wanted to have a mobile eye examination tool, but his budget was very low. As EOS mobile systems, we offered him economic technical equipment in a Ford Transit second hand vehicle, and we used the devices available in our customer’s hands that were necessary for eye examination. After the production of the vehicle was finished, so as not to cost too much, we sent a technician friend to Georgia and installed the devices on the vehicle in Georgia, preventing additional costs arising from transportation.

As we mentioned above, we are experiencing the pride and sweet tiredness of making our deliveries to our customers in many countries with ambulance and mobile health conversions on second hand vehicles.

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