There are 208 countries in the world registered with the United Nations. We have exported about 24 of these countries and they didn’t face any difficulties in their imports. The import laws differ from each country. However, in most countries, there are no strict rules for importing second hand vehicles. As a result, we strongly recommend that our customers observe import laws when buying second hand ambulances.

No. Among our products are second hand ambulances, second hand medical devices, second hand medical equipment and second hand mobile health vehicles. In addition, thanks to the companies in our group, we can provide brand new ambulances, brand new mobile health vehicles, armoured vehicles, medical devices and medical equipment.

If the brand or car model you want is not in our stock, please contact us. You can be sure that we will provide solutions according to your wishes and preferences.

For the prices on the website, you can contact us with all communication tools and send us your requests, questions and opinions.

EOS Mobile Systems is a group company. It is a member of the group of companies in the ambulance, mobile health vehicles and defence industry. For more information, please click on the “about us” tab.

Our customers prefer the second hand ambulances due to their reasonable cost and many options. Click “here” for more information.

When you view and decide on our tools on our website, you can contact us either from the send message tab on the page or from our email address or our WhatssApp line +90 551 080 39 78 for faster response.

Our second-hand ambulances in our stocks are checked and serviced from your request and ready for shipment. This process ranges from a week to 10 days.

The patient cabin of the second hand ambulances, the equipment of which is manufactured in the factory of our group companies, is guaranteed for a period of one year by our company. No guarantee is given for second hand ambulances purchased ready for use.

It depends entirely on the preference of the customer. You can order with medical device and medical equipment inside, or you can order without the medical device and medical equipment. Click for more details.

You can order a large number of second hand ambulances. However, please contact us for stock and manufacturing status.